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Grammy Award Winning Artist Lyle Lovett
Visits Boise, Idaho

Grammy award winning artist Lyle Lovett rolled through Boise last week with 6 time National MX champ Broc Glover.

While listening to the new Bike Week Radio show being broadcast out of San Diego on XX1090 AM I heard Lyle tell Broc he keeps riding gear in his tour bus in case he gets the chance to ride. Hearing this I asked Broc if he and Lyle would like to go on a ride when Lyle's tour hits Boise.

Broc contacted Lyle and said yes so it was on! Our local Husqvarna dealer Moto Tech supplied a new TE for Lyle and we did a great 100 mile loop.Meeting Lyle and talking bikes was great.

I learned he grew up riding Pentons and Husky 125's so when I told him I had a Monark at my house he jumped at the chance to see it and take some photos. The attached shots are courtesy of Lyle Lovett.

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